Doctor of Fine Arts (DFA) in Graphic

DOCTOR of FINE ARTS (Proficiency in Art) in GRAPHIC






Doctor of Fine Arts program in Graphic consists theoretical and applied lectures on the theory of graphic design. The programme aims to raise designers, academicians and art directors that are able to combine the knowledge, aesthetic and design and to use this intellectualness on their personal, professional and international projects.   

Admission Requirement(s) Student Source for Admission Number of Students

Master’s Degree diploma, Transcript Minimum score 80, or 3.00, required 60 points in YDS/ or equivalent score in TOEFL, etc. 

Graduates having Master’s Degree with thesis from the departments of graphic, graphic design and visual communication design under Graduate School of the Fine Arts and Social Sciences can apply to this program.  


 10 (+1 Foreign Student) 




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