Graduate School of Fine Arts was established under Dokuz Eylül University according to the article 18/h of the governmental decree in force of law No. 41 on the Higher Educational Board. It have been activated in 1996 and in 2002 it has taken over the post graduate programs of Department of Performing Arts, Department of Cinema-Television, Department of Ceramics, Department of Musicology, Department of Graphic Design, Department of Textile Design, Department of Traditional Turkish Arts, Department of Sculpture, Department of Painting, Department of Photography, Department of Music, Department of Opera from the Institute of Social Sciences. Nowadays, there are a total of 14 academic units under the roof of Graduate School of Fine Arts.

Graduate programs at the Graduate School of Fine Arts undertake the mission of educating qualified people with a constantly updated academic background for the future, taking into account developments in the field of fine arts.

The programs at the Graduate School of Fine Arts provide a significant contribution to the diverse fields of artistic culture, with qualified academic structuring and research.