Master of Science (MSc) in Musicology


Profile of the Program

Masters in Musicology program is primarily intended for students who hold a bachelor s degree in Musicology and whose aim is to take action and responsibility with academic competence and specialty in the field of Musicology. The courses in the program are designed specifically to provide the students with a strong foundation in musicology academically.
There are 5 academic members in the department and a computer lab is also available for practical purposes. Student Exchange and Student Mobility for Placement Programmes are being held in the frame of LLP/Erasmus.

Admission Requirement(s)

Source of Students for Admission

Number of Students

Beachlor’s Degree Diploma


C1 grade for Turkish language 

An undergraduate degree must be earned in Music or Musicology Departments of Faculties of Fine Arts, Music Education Department of Faculties of Education, and Opera or Music Departments of Conservatories.



Written Exam.


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