Competency of Music

COMPETENCY of MUSIC  (Conservatory)

                                                             PROFILE OF THE PROGRAM

Music Department Graduate Programs: Includes the Branches of Wind and Percussion Instruments,Piano, String Instruments and Composition. MA. Degree and Proficieny in Art Programs which includes the related branch, aim to make academical and artistical activities like thesis, concerts, mid-term and final exams to perpetuate the development on national and international platforms. In 1. and 2.semestres of the program, it is aimed to give the student education of the stylistic and aesthetic understanding of his/her instruments advanced repertoire, ability of interpretation, academical carrier planning and the performance to being an academic. In 3. Semestre, it is selected a public recital program related to the selected thesis subject to raise an academic. The student makes the course selection between the given elective courses, except the main instrument which compulsory in class phase.

Admission Requirement(s) Source of Students for Admission Number of Students

Master’s Degree Diploma

C1 grade for Turkish language 

MMus (Master of Music) with thesis graduates Music Department of Conservatory are eligible to apply.


Performance Evolution (PE)

For only “Composition Dept.”: PE + Portfolio + Writen Exam + Interview

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